Laura Little Photographer





Photographer | Visual Artist

Laura is a graduate of the Liverpool Institute of Performing arts where she studied dance, dance and film, and web design. Her undergraduate studies include media, English literature and drama.

Laura has an entrpreneurial spirit and continues to grow her stable of businesses and creative interests. She is the owner of 28on27 and 1315 rental studios, the creative director behind the boutique Ecommerce and visual company "The LolaLab", and the artist behind "Lola's Shop" in Brooklyn.

Laura’s influences include fashion, music, contemporary dance, pop culture, film and architecture. Her Artistic philosophy is “to create accessible usable and tangible” art pieces “for everyone to enjoy”. Her first Film Short will be screened as part of the Soho International Film Festival in New York May 18th 2015.

Simplicity is a technique employed by Laura as well as using light and objects in space.

In the future Laura would like to continue showing her work and collaborating with individuals and brands.